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Poetry Reviews

“City and Country Dreams” by Vanessa Brantley-Newton

I like this poem because I am a city girl who wants to live in the country but if I lived in the country I’d want to live in the city.

Celia Buono

Sra Montes - 2nd Grade

“When All The World is Full of Snow”

I love this Poem because I love snow.  Because It reminds me of the winter weather where you can play snowball fights and sledding. When the first winter snow blows through the land and over the trees you can feel magic in the air. Snow makes everything beautiful.

Casey Jensen

Mrs. Avanes - 2nd Grade

“Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”  by Robert Frost

I enjoyed this peom because of the strong imagery the poet used. It made me feel like I was there. I also liked the way he described what the horse must be thinking by the actions of the horse.  

Noah Higuera-Reyes

Mrs. Ojeda - 6th Grade

“Kindness is My Superpower”     

 I liked this poetry because be kindness the open doors and I fell very well with everyone. Everybody has a power and my superpower is the kindness.                            

Melanie Cedeno Luna

Miss Camacho - 1st Grade

“The Edge of the World” Shel Silverstein

 I think this poem is funny because he is telling us not to believe the world the is round. It’s also funny because the character in the poem thinks the earth is flat but its round. 

Brandon Higuera-Reyes

Ms. Bergman - 3rd Grade

“IMAGINE” by Ronald Egan.
I like rhyming poems. The name of my favorite poem is: IMAGINE by Ronald Egan. I like this poem because it is funny, catchy, rhyming, and it has a really good rhythm.
Nicolas Montesdeoca

Ms. Matevosian - 3rd Grade