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"Where Kindness Wins & Everyone is Welcome!"


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Thomas Edison Elementary Foundation

TEEF is the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) at

Thomas Edison Elementary in Glendale, CA.



** We strive every year to raise funds to help support the technology program at our school.

**We host community building events including our Annual Tech Trek and Read-A-Thon.

**We offer a Kindness Club to enrich the lives of all students that attend Edison.

We are proud to have a strong PTO and look forward to meeting you. 

Our dedicated volunteers enrich our teachers and students lives at school. In 2019/20 we piloted a Kindness Club at our school. This was well received and we look forward to rising to the challenge that this year’s pandemic raises. We will not shy away, as we never have before.

We strive to have fun, raise money, create a community and feel connected as Eagles! Let’s go 2020/21!

TEEF has shown me, through passionate volunteers and responsive admin, that being part of a PTO is nothing like what I thought it would be based on movies. It is incredibly empowering to feel like I am connected to and a part of my child’s education and school experience. I COULD just drop off and go but at Edison I have been welcomed, valued and have wanted to stay to be a part of it. A proud Edison Eagle here!

Mrs. W

Parent, TEEF PTO